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Veterinary Conferences

Veterinary Science is concerned with the identification of creature health and the treatment of diseases or illnesses, prevention, mitigation, and cure that affect them.  It also includes scientific breeding and . It requires the application of technical knowledge in multiple areas and the use of methodological skills. Veterinary medicine has an increasingly important role in global health and food security. Rapid expansion in food animal populations is also responsible for the emergence and spread of many human infections.

The factors such as climate change, globalization of world trade (including increased trade in animals and animal foodstuffs between developing nations), rapid movement of people around the globe, and encroachment of livestock farming into wildlife areas influence the dynamics of zoonotic disease spread and transmission. Beneficial interventions will require collaboration between medical, veterinary, agricultural, social, environmental, and wildlife scientists. At present, yields from animals are owing to poor nutrition and chronic infections. Unhealthy livestock also carry increased food safety risks and restrict access to lucrative markets.

The outlook of veterinary medicine is to yield fewer, healthier, and more productive animals. Open out in research on and food safety is urgently needed in addition to studies on genetics, nutrition, management, market access, and rural economic growth and all these aspects will be dealt in precision in our Veterinary Conferences.

  • , Paris, France

  • , Hanoi, Vietnam

  • , Hanoi, Vietnam

  • , Paris, France
Veterinary Conferences 2020

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15th International Veterinary Congress

Date & Venue: August 17-18, 2020 | Paris, France

Theme: “A Step towards Animal Security Leads Healthy Living

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